Thanks for taking on the work to build the Get Media website.

Our purpose is to service the small business sector in South Africa, and later Africa – providing them with quality PR & marketing communication services, in support of growing their brands and businesses.

By doing so, we are creating work opportunities for several PR & marketing individuals at all levels, from in-service training to management. We committed to growing South Africa and we need your help!

Thank you – Founder, Nadia Hearn


Now that you get what Get Media is all about, have a look at the attached information deck/presentation, this will give you enough information to guide you.

Let us know if anything in the site map below / brief is not 100% clear please:

Look & Feel:

  • This is a PR & marketing website, it offers professional marketing and communication services and product solutions/tools to small businesses
    • We like a white clean fresh look that support a easy click to page / departments, icons with minimal descriptors that click through to full service / product to purchase is great –
    • We want to be the takelot in PR & Marketing services – professional services ‘package’ in a easy to see, get and order format 
  • We have share the Get Media logo in the best resolution available at this stage
  • Also see the look and feel of images that can be use on the page banners –
    • We don’t want flashing or rotating banners, a slim looking banner is enough
  • You can use the circle shapes and colours in the Get Published logo theme -  (white, grey, green – as lead colours, follow with blue and pink)


Supporting Images:

  • get.Media logo
  • Get Published logo
  • Stock images
    • Files and save on tags / file names that match the suggested pages please
  • Partner logos